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Day 20
Brad was at the gym tonight!

It got down to 5-degrees today, by the time I was at the gym it was 15.

I wore some pants, longsleeve, a sweatshirt, and cap. I have been wearing the long-sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt for the last week in general practice.

I got my mask out of the bag and put the last nozzle in, and was able to do 2 sets of 4 laps around the building.

After the resistance runs, I took it out and just kept my face warm. I had a hard time seeing the ground in front of me because the air I was sucking in fogged up the mask and it froze on the eye-pieces haha!

I went inside and they had about 5 minutes to go. So I had a good warmup.

We got our ritual done.
I did 4x28 pushup & 5x50 crunch tonight.

After this we did a 5 round circuit. spiderman pushup, mountain climbers, weighted shoulder holds (dead straight in front), fast feet in and out of a tire that's about 2-foot tall, 1-2's on strike pads, medicine ball slams, jump rope, medicine ball toss from a situp to partner across from ya.

Switch every 30-second.

After the circuits we did the same workout from day 16.

this time around the rounds were 5-minutes long.

I think we had 10 rounds, after getting through the ring work, shadowboxing for the rest of the time. I worked mostly on form on the BOB.

at the end of the night I pushed myself for a 12 count pushup ladder. It isn't high but I was at failure, so I'm moving up a bit.

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