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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
you don't get tired of seeing him dominate over and over again. to me its just not exciting watching guys get a title shot then silva beating them every time.
Actually I do with the LHW title holder, but for "The Spider" he doesn't just win though. He comes up w/ different techniques and finishes in ways we can only imagine. So winning never gets old to me.

Leben actually got knocked out within the first two minutes.
Rich Franklin arguably the second best MW champ gets dethroned violently both times by knees and vicious combinations havn't yet seen before.
Lutter gets submitted.
Nate gets TKOed by a laser precision shot right through his guard.
Thales and Maia were both very interesting fights to me even though he didn't finish he dominated them thoroughly.

James Irvin - Seriously who catches the very first kick from an opponent then proceeds to counter and knock em out.

Griffin was probably one of the most brilliant performances of all times. Anderson landed 13-26 shots. Griffin landed 1-26 shots.

Chael Sonnen - Probably one of the most memorable fights of all time. Plus I had like two, three different bets going on and was really pretty stunned for the first five rounds. But I had faith.

Vitor - Spartan 300 kick!

Yushin - Gets his revenge after six years in emphatic fashion. The way he set up Yushin by letting him throw a wild punch, dodging it then reversed positions. Yushin had his back against the fence and it was all over.

Chael II - No more playing around.

Stephan Bonnar - Knee to the solar plexus and allowing Bonnar to engage with his back against the fence while his trainers were all yelling at em to GTFO outta there. Who would have thought.

I'm telling you man. In almost 20 years of watching this. He fights in such a special way. He sees things we're unable to see or comprehend. He probably views himself as a student master, but he fights at a grand master level. Anyone who trains or is a fan of the sport would agree. His ability to adapt instantaneously and utilize techniques that aren't otherwise used in an MMA setting; thigh kicks, karate chopping the foot/ankle while the opponent is on the ground, front kick KO, soccer sweep, make it fun to watch.

Finally, he finishes fights in the most spectacular way possible.

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