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Originally Posted by Sterl View Post
Yeah we get it, you don't have any religious convictions and laugh at the idea of it.
Actually you don't get it. I didn't laugh at anything. Said I feel sorry for him.

And like I said (and you ignored) I respect him as a fighter. He beat a Diaz brother without having to resort to trickery to get it done.

But hey, don't let facts get in the way of the narrative.

And Benson is pretty confrontational about his faith, he brings this on himself. I don't know the guy, I shouldn't even know what religion he follows. It's none of my business. But he makes it everyone's business by preaching about it non stop.

He's the Tim Tebow of MMA. Join a football forum and see how much respect Tebow gets for his antics.

One of these days a fighter is going to thank 'his dark majesty' for a win and credit his skills to his belief in the anti-christ and urge everyone to praise Satan. Then we'll see how 'tolerant' the people crying about Benson's treatment really are of other people's beliefs.

Even just Kamal Shalarous thanking Allah would be enough to cause a full scale meltdown imo.

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