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Originally Posted by log View Post

2. From a money/interest perspective Hendricks has 0 chance of selling a fight massively like a Diaz. Hate the player, and the game. The facts are the facts. He needs to find himself to sell the general public that we care enough to see it. Stalk GSP, put your finger in his chest. Cause a scene at an autograph signing.....something to make people interested. Sayin the champ is 'afraid or ducking' him or that 'I can present a threat' is what everyone says. Think outside of the box and make it marketable. Otherwise you will end up like Weidman. Good guy, but could care less right now about the match up against one of the best EVER in a division.
So the only way to make a splash is to act like a dick? Funny I thought reeling off wins was the way to make a splash.

As for Hendricks not having a chance, probably true but no matter how low his chances are the probability of him beating GSP is orders of magnitude higher than Diaz. Diaz has been controlled by wrestlers who are miles less well rounded, less athletic than GSP. How can that fight not look like Henderson-Diaz?

Oh, Diaz can threaten from his back. Yeah, because GSP is so easy to sub. That is not happening, it virtually never happens in MMA any more to anyone not named Sonnen. Subs from the bottom are incredibly rare against anyone and GSP has the best top control in MMA.

Diaz not only doesn't deserve the fight but he has the least chance of anyone you consider a top 10 WW.
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