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Originally Posted by Wookie View Post
I'm not entirely sure where you live, but there is no such thing as free t.v. in my area. It includes about 50 channels even on the "free" t.v. There is no such thing as analog anymore and you have to pay to get even the basic 50 channels. Sorry for the confusion. That Prodigy video is still the sh*t even after all the years since I first seen it on what would be considered cable at the time.
Just about everywhere in the continental U.S. you can still get a free digital TV signal from the big 4(ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC) broadcast channels, PBS, CW, & local TV stations. If you have a newer TV, all you need is an antenna. Older analog TVs require digital converter box(which were basically given away for almost free in 2009) plus an antenna.

Because these broadcast stations are still available for free over digital TV airwaves, the FCC enforces any violation to obscenity, indecency, & profanity broadcasting laws.

With respect to cable and satellite services, Congress has charged the Commission with enforcing the statutory prohibition against airing indecent programming "by means of radio communications." The Commission has historically interpreted this restriction to apply to radio and television broadcasters, and has never extended it to cover cable operators. In addition, because cable and satellite services are subscription-based, viewers of these services have greater control over the programming content that comes into their homes, whereas broadcast content traditionally has been available to any member of the public with a radio or television.
Regulation of Obscenity, Indecency and Profanity

All other channels are considered cable channels. And because of that, these restrictions to obscenity, indecency, & profanity have not been extended to them. That is why you have profanity, nudity, & more violence on the cable channels. Compare the South Park movie when it's on Comedy Central to the version that is on CW. You will see a big difference in the two versions.

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