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Originally Posted by log View Post
I respect what Hendricks has done thus far, but here are my challenges with him against GSP.

1. People quote his college wrestling and how that will help him, but EVERY wrestler at 170 has a huge amateur pedigree and still can't stop/defend GSP's power single/double. Hendricks will be in big trouble on his back, where frankly he would be in most if not all of the fight with GSP. If Hendricks has any chance, its a punchers chance. We all know what luck punchers have against champions in this era of the UFC.

2. From a money/interest perspective Hendricks has 0 chance of selling a fight massively like a Diaz. Hate the player, and the game. The facts are the facts. He needs to find himself to sell the general public that we care enough to see it. Stalk GSP, put your finger in his chest. Cause a scene at an autograph signing.....something to make people interested. Sayin the champ is 'afraid or ducking' him or that 'I can present a threat' is what everyone says. Think outside of the box and make it marketable. Otherwise you will end up like Weidman. Good guy, but could care less right now about the match up against one of the best EVER in a division.

I get being politically correct and all, but you are a FIGHTER, not an Oprah book of the month reader. You can be intelligent AND entertaining if need be, but you have to make a splash.

3. Avoid the hype machine. Hendricks isn't any different than the guy who went to a split decision against Kos. Take nothing away from Koscheck, but really if you had a tough time with his abilities, what will you do against GSP?

At least Anderson got people excited by point blank calling GSP out. Positive or negative we all talked about it.

Can Hendricks do the same, on the level Diaz and Silva can?
So basically turn it into WWE? Show up at an autograph signing and confront him? lmao

Hendricks has sold a potential fight with GSP, not with talking but with his fighting and the truth is he has a better chance, albeit slim of beating GSP than Diaz does.

Diaz doesn't have one punch KO power, Hendricks does, and every fight starts standing and the chances of GSP getting subbed are not likely. Hendricks also has a better chance of stuffing the takedown than Diaz does.

Really don't know why people wanna see GSP/Diaz over GSP/Hendricks in all honesty, I know he'll talk trash but that doesn't matter to me, I love Chael and his antics but I'm not exactly counting down the days until Jones/Sonnen, if you know what I mean.

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