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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Sure he can lose to CW, but cmon, this excuse is as busted as busted were Anderson's ribs. When have you seen Anderson behaving like that in any fight? Sonnen was too good for him, but short later struggle against Bisping?
Btw, he wasn't dominated, he was held down and he destroyed Sonnen's face from his back.
Not a dent on Anderson's face, man.

Btw, ppl tired of seeing Anderson winning probably were also tired of Mike Tyson KO streaks, so boring...(???)
I'm aware he didn't have a mark on his face but Weidman and Sonnen aren't the same fighter, Bisping is a better wrestler than Anderson and Chael still won that fight 30-27 in my eyes.

Weidman is far more dangerous on the ground than Chael and the only guys to threaten Anderson are Travis Lutter and Dan Henderson, grapplers, there's a reason for that and neither of them have the kind of pedigree Weidman has. Weidman just needs a big name to showcase his skills against so I'm hoping he gets the Vitor/Bisping winner to beat up, since flavor of the month is gonna get beat by Okami in a few weeks. People just don't get how good he is yet but annihilating Bisping or Vitor should get the job done and set him up to fight Anderson.

Also, I highly doubt any UFC fighter has ever fought with broke/cracked ribs, they do medicals before the fight and if you have a broken rib and you get hit in them, you'd probably be in so much you couldn't stand it.

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