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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Anyone who doesn't give Chael his due in the first fight is just making excuses. I'm sure they make you feel better, but delusions are delusions.
Sonnen sure has credit on being the attacker and being relentless and he is a great wrestler IMO, but cmon, Anderson could not even stand with him. Throwing lousy punches, often losing his balance, getting caught, just ... not Anderson.
Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Here's a fact... Sonnen cracked Silva's ribs.
Probably with his face by the look of it. Now this would be dellusional.

Btw. I had a cracked rib already that went undetected by the first clinic I've been. It hurted like hell and sneezeing or coughing was a nightmare. Only a month later on pain killers a second clinic confirmed there was a small crack, almost fully healed by that. So I have my own idea of all this.
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