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Originally Posted by tripster View Post
It is very difficult for people to grasp the notion that a fighter can be prominent in one fighting style when we are talking MMA, the very definition being MIXED martial arts. However it is a fact.

Since GSP considered wrestling in the Olympics, I think, adds some legitimacy to him being classified as a wrestler. Henderson really began his fighting career in highschool and college as a wrestler.

The thread is interesting because the ongoing discussions revolving around best fighting styles is a classic and given the current division champs, it's a great time to bring it up.
GSP had a snowball's chance in hell of making the Canadian freestyle team, and Canadian wrestling isn't very good.

What I'm saying is that if wrestling truly were the dominant martial art the best wrestlers in the world would also be the best mixed martial artists in the world. That just isn't the case. In fact, none of the current champions are/were even very good wrestlers (in the context of wrestling).

The best fighting style is mixed martial arts. It has taken on a entity all it's own far different from anything else. If we want to argue about the origins of the most important skills to have a mixed martial artist we can, but a good portion of what is considered "wrestling" in MMA is stuff that would never happen in any type of wrestling match.

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