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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Again, what exactly does this mean?
Yea it isn't boxing, and he follows that up with "we give everyone the fights they want to see"..."unlike boxing"....mostly aiming at the Pacman/Floyd debacle.

Well what fight do people want to see? More...many more people want to see? The GSP/Diaz fight.

Just because YOU would rather see Hendricks means nothing. And I have no clue what you babble on about Dana saying it is a SPORT or how it isn't boxing. None of what you are saying about this makes any sense.

Lay out the guidelines to a "sport" for me. If he is going with the fight more people want to see then he is doing exactly what he says he tries to do....that is give the fans the fights they WANT TO SEE. What part of that don't you understand?
Well if you'll remove yourself from Nick Diaz' balls I'll explain it to you.

In any sport, I don't care if it's an individual sport or a team sport, you play for the World/League championship by first off, winning, which Nick Diaz didn't do in his last fight, something Johny Hendricks has done five straight times. That's not my guidelines, that's just the guidelines in general.

I don't work for Zuffa, I have 0 to do with how they promote their business but they do promote their business as the fastest growing sport in the world and they constantly ramble on about their athletes and this, that and the other.

Well, I'm sorry but I've never seen a sport where not one, not two, but three guys got to the title game coming off a loss and only one of those fights is a fight people truly wanna see. No one wants to watch Jones vs. Sonnen, and as time goes on and people wake up and realize the reality of GSP and Nick Diaz' MMA games they're not gonna wanna see this because it's not going to be competitive at all, people have already soured on it in the last four days ever since Ben Henderson beat up Nick's little brother and are under the impression Georges will just out-class him like Bendo did to Nate which he probably will.

So would you stop with the attacks and the insane nuthugging? You're embarrassing yourself. Don't act Zuffa doesn't promote the UFC as a sport because we all know they do. Do people wanna see GSP/Diaz? I guess, I don't particularly care for it, but deep down everyone knows it's an easy fight for Georges and after the fight everyone will go "Diaz can't beat wrestlers!" "Should have been Hendricks!" "Georges was too scared to fight him so he LNP'ed him!" etc, etc.

It's a joke, lmao. Hell you could probably poll the entire forum on whose got a better chance of beating him and the answer will most likely beat Hendricks, the only reason people wanna see this fight is because of Nick Diaz acting like a thug in the pre-fight hype for it.

And once it's all said and done Diaz will probably throw another hissy fit in the ring and quit MMA....again and we'll be done with this whole mess and maybe the UFC can practice what it preaches.

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