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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Like I said doesn't matter what I say. I never said Alvarez and Chandler aren't talented but they are ranked because they are in a shallow division. They have never been tested against elite competition. If people can question Aldo they can definitely question two guys who have never really fought anyone.

I only question if they look impressive because of who they are fighting. What I'm saying is if I showed you high school musical 3 then transformers 2 and asked which was better you're probably going to say transformers that doesn't mean it's an all time great film.

I also never said I could beat any of them I said hang with them. As in not get my ass kicked badly. Which should be the case if I roll or spar with a top level pro.

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I'm stuck on the point that you admit you don't watch and have no interest yet you feel you have enough information to rate the skill level of fighters you have never seen fight. How can you judge the competition when you haven't seen them in action? I think you are doing alot of assuming and guessing. I don't think you are aware of the amount of talent in Bellator. But how can you if you don't have the time or interest in watching them in action? So that brings me back to key problem here. You are giving opinions on something you haven't seen, how can you give analysis without information?
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