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The difference (in my opinion) between the two seems to be that Rory speaks his mind honestly without fear of the repercussions ...whereas Jones tries to say what he thinks will get people to like him. Jones is trying to be a role-model. He's saying one thing but his actions are saying something else. Rory is at least consistent so far.

I don't know why people think Rory is such a weirdo. I think everything he said in the pre-fight was true, even if it meant "bad-mouthing" a legend. He was psycho-analyzing the fact BJ is fighting to live through how other people see him and speak about him. That's pretty thoughtful shit for a young guy to be thinking about. And I like it!

He's a thinker and I don't believe he will receive the same hate as Jones in the long run.

GSP grew up along the way (what about those cocky backflips??) and Rory will too. Jones & Benson will never be liked by all due to their radical religious behavior (in my opinion).

While I think it's fine to believe whatever you want to believe, I personally don't see the connection between Jesus and bashing another human beings face in. God helped you do that? Sigh.
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