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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
I tried watching bellator. That's how I know the announcing is horrid and how I have thoughts on the fighters. I turn it on when I'm home and nothing else's on and I've never been impressed.

Jesus. If anything I should be distorted the other way because I only ever watch the name fighters and the fights people talk about. And I enjoy those fights but whenever I watch anything else it has been bad.

So I stand corrected I only watch when I run into it. I should have said I only make time for it if I know someone on the card personally.

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I don't think you are informed enough to have the opinions you do. Which is why I take issue with your statements. You may train with elite level fighters and think that makes you a judge of talent. But I watch MMA on many levels and in high volume and I'm confident in the information I have, through personal observation and actually watching the fights. I'm not assuming, I'm not judging fighters off of single fights. I watch the events like the MMA junkie I am and make my opinions based on that.
I would respect you alot more if you didn't comment on something you don't follow. But comments about not liking something that you don't watch? Can't respect that.
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