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I think the thing I'm noticing from guys like Jones, Rory, and even Weidman now is a sense of entitlement.

I think from a fan's perspective, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Jon Jones.

- He claims to espouse traditional christian values, yet his actions and words seem to contradict such. Now I know no one is perfect, but the whole DUI thing (among other things) really didn't do him any favors. This is probably why I dislike Jones.

- His hand in the UFC 151 debacle is going to be very, very hard for him to erase. I know it wasn't all his fault but essentially he was largely responsible for the loss of millions of dollars and the cancellation of an event.

- The guy is such a damn baby. I've never seen a grown man as sensitive as Jon Jones. You're a professional athlete for crying out loud, have some damn dignity.

- Jones isn't a humble guy by any means. Add that in with the fact that he grew up with limited social interaction in a sheltered environment. It's a bad combination. He says some truly ridiculous things during interviews.

Now I don't know the man personally but I would probably not get along with someone like Jones. He's an incredible competitor and athlete and he's going to hold that belt for a long, long time, but 'm never going to cheer for him.

Rory on the other hand, I don't know much about. I don't know if he's stalling a potential fight with St. Pierre, but calling out legends far out of their prime, and fighters coming off losses seems a bit douchy. Add that along with the fact that he seems to ONLY want to fight in Canada. You're employed by the UFC. You compete when and where they tell you.

That being said, I've watched a few of Rory's post fight interviews, and unlike Jones, he's honest and not going to hide who he is. Jones want to be likened to a role model when he clearly isn't one by mot standards. Rory doesn't care. He said on Saturday's post fight interview that he "doesn't fight for the fans" and that he fights for him and because he loves it. I can respect that at least.
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