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Originally Posted by zarny View Post
As you grow up and mature you'll learn that everyone makes mistakes. That doesn't mean they are bad people.

Drinking and driving is a dumb decision. Good people make dumb decisions all the time.

And don't try to tell me you've never told a lie or made any dumb decisions. One can only hope everyone judges you by your lies or dumb decisions; even if they only occured once.

As for being a liar and a cheater you once again assume intent without actually knowing.

Jones' getting caught with a DUI clearly contradicts what he had previously said but that doesn't automatically make him a liar.

He had never been caught drinking and driving previously and could very well had the intention of not drinking and driving when he said it...and then made a bad decision.

You have no way of knowing Jones cheated on his fiance simply because he was in a vehicle with two other girls. I drove my gf's friends home after a party last weekend without my gf. Doesn't make me a cheater it simply makes me a bf driving his gf's drunk ass friends home after a party.

The world isn't actually black and white. Good people make bad decisions and there are bad people that do good things.
Nice of you to continue to assume. You don't know me and I haven't said anything immature. Everyone lies, noooooooo shit. However Jon Jones went out of his way to condem others for their actions and specifically said no one would EVER have to worry about him getting a DUI. Then less then a month later he gets a DUI, but I can't hold that against him? Just look at the recent Dallas Cowboys situation to realize how much danger he put those girls in and everyone else on the road. A DUI is not a simple mistake made by everyone. But what makes the situation worse is his recent quotes speaking out against it.
Also if you get caught, drunk, with two young women who were not your fiance/mother of your children then I think it's a very safe assumption to say something wasn't right there either. It's not like I'm just pulling these accusations out of the air, I'm basing it off the information provided.
But I guess I'm just immature and I don't have enough information to judge while you on the other hand have extensive information on his personal life and can say he isn't a bad person with certainty. I beleive you because you are so mature...
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