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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
I sometimes start to question if there is something wrong with me. Like perhaps I have some sort of prejudice towards light weight classes, or maybe I just don't follow other organizations enough. I am not some fair weather fan who just shows up when the fights are big or my fav fighter is winning. I have been following this sport since the glory days of Pride. I have witnessed the mob and growth that was TUF 1, and all it spawned. I watched a generation of fighters, like Chuck, Tito, and Hughes, fall to their knees. Now I am watching it happen again with Shogun, Rampage, and BJ looking like dinosaurs.

But guys, in all honesty, I couldn't even remember who this guy was when I read the thread title. I really don't care about this guy nor did I ever. I hope he never fights again for his own sake. Clearly he doesn't have what it takes.

Am I the only MMA fan who has been following the sport for a long time that doesn't give a shit about average fighters? I feel like a ghost here sometimes...
I have a hard time believing any of this this -- how do you say you are such a huge fan and not even know who Hominick is? He was in an absolute war for the belt against Aldo at the biggest UFC event ever, and it was the co-main event followed by GSP/Shields. He was one of the top 145ers in the WEC during his time there.

When Thomkins died, I think some of the passion that Hominick and Stout had for the sport died. I don't think either fighter will ever be the same.

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