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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Yes, because not being interested in WMMA means you can't joke about it or have a light hearted thread that's not meant to be taken too seriously.

Do you realize that people make fun of fighters/divisions all the time or post threads that aren't all that serious, does that mean we all don't know anything about any MMA at all?

That's nonsensical thinking you have going on right there.
Yes it does according to him. I found out I know nothing about bellator and I can't criticize or question their fighters unlessnive seen every single mma fight.

In all honesty this isnt debatable. Women are lower then men and should be made to fight in lingerie with fluffy pillows and then they have to make out and make lunch for the entire audience.

I also think the belts should ve different depending on the race of the holder. White people get gold black people get fake gold with fake diamond and graffiti. Mexicans and all them get a green card belt. British get one made of teabags.

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