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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I've always liked Jones because he goes out there and rag dolls his opponents all over the octagon. The kid is a straight up killer. I don't care about his personality. This isn't a reality television show, it's a bloody sport. I like Jones for the same reason I like Nick Diaz. When that cage door shuts, they go out there and deliver spectacular performances for the fans, why would any one not like that?
That's the way I see it. Jon Jones gets paid to beat the shit out of people in a cage, and he's damn good at that. Sure it would be nice if he was also great outside of the cage like Wandy or Rich Franklin, but what they're like outside of the cage isn't really a big deal unless they're kicking puppies for fun or something like that.

I look at fighters in much the same way I see musicians, athletes, and other such celebs. As long as their performances are good & entertaining, I don't care too much if they're douchebags in real life unless they're doing something seriously screwed up.
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