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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
No you didn't. You haven't ever gave Diaz a single shred of credit. After the Penn fight you were whining that the fight sucked because Penn gassed and refused to give Nick any credit for his performance.

You're the one who couldn't resist trying to rip on Diaz in this thread for no reason what so ever.
****in' christ. I dated girls in high school who whined less than you. No I didn't like that fight. No I don't think Diaz is nearly as good as most seem to. And I don't have to give him a shred of credit for anything I don't want to.

That's all my opinion. And do you see any of the other Diaz fangirls foaming because I made a ******* joke in this thread? No? Could it be because the others saw the joke for what it was and felt no need to hammer out defensive comments in between changing tampons? Nick himself would take less offense at my comments.

Now how about you not derail another thread because someone said something about Nick Diaz without his nuts planted firmly in their mouth?

Edit: I made a comment comparing Rory and Diaz's fights with BJ. You made the next several posts about Diaz. SO you brought him up. I was talking about Rory. Logic is a bitch.

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