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Not only is the hate not justifiable it's downright idiotic.

People think Rory is a weird serial killer, because he said he wanted "revenge" against Carlos Condit. I remind you the guy he beat

this guy, licked the blood of his opponents off his gloves. When Rory demonstrates cannibalism that BJ does I'll hear you out. But in truth the life of a fighter

Stage 1 You are ignored by everyone, you are a nobody, a can.
Stage 2 You start to get good and therefore "hyped" and worthy of hate.
Stage 3 We find something about you to polarize the fan base and you are hated.
Stage 4 You might become a "legend" and well liked...this stage doesn't always happen.
stage 5 Your over the hill, done and you need to retire.

Make the WW division great again
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