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I don't agree at all.
Hendricks has a much stronger case in claiming for a title shot then both Condit or JDS had. He has beaten more and higher ranked adversaries in the way to the title shot than both Condit and JDS did.
In fact the only top 5 JDS beat before fighting Cain was Carwin who was a replacement for Lesnar (and don't say i'm a hater, i love JDS).
Condit beat Hardy, Dong and Nick Diaz, arguable only Diaz is a top 5.
That means that both JDS and Condit only bested 1 top 5er before fighting for the title while Hendricks has already beat 3 (kos, Fitch and Kanpman).
So yeah, he's being f*cked hard by the UFC, more than both your examples so i say that he's in his right to cry a bit about it.

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