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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
He's getting bashed because he's coming off like an absolute toddler. Everyone has acknowledged that it's a raw deal, but so what? As I said, JDS and Carlos Condit were shafted far worse, and everything worked out in the end. He's literally threatening to call it a career (he said he feels like calling it quits) because he might have to wait a few extra months for his title shot. He's being a massive baby. Life doesn't always go according to plan. We've all earned things, only to have them taken away or be told we have to wait a little bit longer. Welcome to the rat race.

And for him to say he doesn't blame the UFC is rubbish. GSP may have asked for the fight, but at the end of the day, Dana said yes. If Dana didn't approve of or want this fight, it wouldn't be happening. You expect me to believe that if GSP had told Dana he wanted to face Chris Cope, Dana would have agreed to it? The UFC calls the shots and if Johnny has a gripe, he can take it up with the organization.

Again, he has every right to be annoyed. But move on. This is delaying his title aspirations by all of a few months, and he's threatening to retire. Thank God Junior wasn't that mentally weak.
No, they weren't, nobody with a loss passed them by, Cain and Nick were all on winning streaks and Carlos would have never fought Georges anyway since he ended up getting hurt before 137 and then if they did still schedule it for 143 he would have ended up tearing his ACL and Carlos and Nick would have still fought and even when they pushed him to the side for Nick, at least Nick was on a winning streak when that happened.

In Junior's case the only guys that got title shots before him were Carwin and Cain, both undefeated and he would have got a title shot sooner if Cain's shoulder hadn't got messed up in the Lesnar fight.

In this case, there is no undefeated challenger or a guy on a massive win streak, Hendricks got pushed to the side for a guy coming off a loss, something that didn't happen to Junior or Carlos, yeah it wasn't far to Junior and Carlos either but the situation isn't exactly the same thing.

But what's done is done and unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's any way to stop it, he just needs to tell the UFC to **** off when they come to him with a fight that isn't Georges St. Pierre and eventually he'll get his shot.

But then again and no one has really brought this up but it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Strikeforce Champs come over and unify the belts, which would mean GSP would have to fight Marquardt too and if Rockhold and Melendez get one which looks like it could very well happen since Weidman's hurt and Pettis and Cerrone haven't fought yet, I don't see why Nate wouldn't get one either.

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