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Nick talks trash to GSP, comes off of a loss to Condit, and gets his title shot because GSP wants to fight him. Okay, fair enough. Hendricks rips off 5 straight wins, beating 3 top 5 guys in a row knocking out 2, gets passed up by someone coming off a loss, and he has to keep his mouth shut? No, I completely disagree. He absolutely has every single right to let out all his anger at this point. As a matter of fact, I expected him to go on this rant. History has shown that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So if you really think about it, he's playing the game now. What is he supposed to just keep quiet and beat people while constantly getting passed up for title shots?

Anybody that he fights that is not the champion is a step down in competition at this point. The smartest thing for him to do is to wait it out until after GSP and Nick fight. It's not about lack of confidence that he won't win another fight, its about feeling that he has the right to not take any other fights until it's for the belt. No matter how confident someone is, anything can happen at any given fight. Okay so if he doesn't win, maybe he's not the rightful challenger to the belt. But what if he's training for this next opponent, injures himself and has to sit out for another 4 months? What if when the fight happens, his opponent pokes him in the eye, the ref doesn't see it, and it's declared a KO loss? What if he's completely dominating the fight, eats a vicious elbow right above his eye, and the fight gets called? Maybe those setbacks aren't "true" loses, but they still back him up another, what, 2 years(?).

I completely understand how he's feeling right now, and hope he eventually get the title shot after GSP/Nick.
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