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1.Does he deserve the shot? Sure, but this was a match that was suppose to happen before all that silly GSP/Diaz/Condit fiasco happened. So it's not like they passed him over some other "random" dude that wasn't in contention before.

2.As DW said, when has GSP ever demanded anything unlike most of the douches in the UFC who cries like little girls. Despite his geeky good guy face, GSP doesn't like getting trash talked let alone by a low life scum like Diaz. So is it that far fetched for him to request "1" fight to beat the snot out of that punk?

3.GSP says he's always scared of ALL his opponents before the fight but then that also keeps him focused. To me Hendricks is the one being a chicken shit atm, seriously if you're so invincible why not just keep on taking random challenges until you earn your shot? What was that? Oh he's SCARED he's going to lose to some random guy?

4.Condit waited a year for GSP, Fitch is STILL WAITING for a title fight rematch that he'll never get, Hendricks just burst into the scene and he needs to STFU. Unlike other divisions where the talent pool is thin and a 3 fight win streak might give you a title shot, the WW division and LW division is retarded in terms of depth and he needs to wait.

5.As Hendriks pointed out this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, wouldn't you want the best possible training camp ever? Wouldn't 4 extra months even be better against GSP? Is he that confident? Or is he just a greedy bearded red neck who is just trying to cash in big money before his hot streak ends.
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