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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I thought it was dumb too. But I will watch TUF probably more that season than I will have the last 3 combined. And people will watch the PPV.

What part of making money don't you understand? There is a difference between people having a "problem" with something...and the people actually tuning in to watch the event. But for some odd reason you can't seem to understand these very simply concepts.

Chael/Bones will save...or at least strengthen Dana's beloved reality show. It is that simple. Try to comprehend this as best as you can.
I'm aware of what making money is all about, that's the only reason the three title fights are happening.

But I'm not even sure what the level of interest is for Jones/Sonnen, I love Chael but I really don't know what the UFC can do to convince me and pretty much everyone else he can beat Jon. Everyone seems interested in Aldo/Edgar, there's people who wanna see GSP/Diaz, but I've not seen many say they wanna watch Jones/Sonnen, many believe it's a waste of Jon's time.

Chael will talk shit, but at the end of the day, talk is cheap if you can't back it up, he was able to do that at 185 but 205 is a whole different story and no one really knows how these Aldo/Edgar, Jones/Sonnen, and GSP/Diaz fights are gonna sell, what's gonna happen when the casual fan looks and says "This guy's coming off a loss? I'm not sure I wanna spend my money on this."

To me the real money fight is Jones/Gus, that would sell a lot more than Jones/Sonnen, some people believe Chael will get "hurt" and that could allow Gus to step in.

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