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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
No, they aren't bad comparisons. Both men were promised title shots that never happened. It's the same scenario faced by Hendricks. You can make light of Junior's streak all you like, but that doesn't make it the case. He went on a seven fight win streak before finally being given his title shot, a streak which included wins over Fabricio Werdum, Stefan Struve, CroCop, Gabe Gonzaga, Roy Nelson, and Shane Carwin. That's nearly 3/4s of the heavyweight division alone, so regardless of the additional few names Junior could have faced, he more than paid his dues. And when his moment finally came, injuries put his title aspirations on the back-burner. What did JDS do? He said he wanted to stay active, took another fight, won, challenged for the belt thereafter, and is now the champion. All for the sake of an extra few months wait. Your saying that Hendricks has beaten more people en route to a title shot is wrong. Barring Machida, no one has beaten more men whilst being put off for a title shot than JDS.

Carlos Condit also defeated the then rightful Strikeforce welterweight champion, a man whom everyone thought was going to run roughshod over the UFC following his win over BJ Penn. It's only now, after his loss to Carlos that people deny Nick Diaz the credit he genuinely deserves. What's more is, Johnny was only promised a potential number one contender-ship spot. Carlos Condit was offered a championship match. Advertised as the next man in line. Put on a bloody poster. Only to have it all ripped away from him. But what did he do? He kept quiet. Waited. And now he has an interim title accolade to show for it.

Hendricks deserves his shot. And he'll get it. This isn't about who deserves what and how soon they deserve it. I've never denied that Hendricks is getting the shaft. But if he really believes he's the best, then he can either take another fight or train while he waits an extra couple of months. In my honest opinion, Hendricks is scared. Because he's lost to guys like Rick Story. And because he only managed to pull off a half-hearted decision against Josh Koscheck. I don't think Hendricks actually believes he's the best, and so he wants his shot now before someone else threatens to take it away. He's mentally weak. Very much so. Especially in comparison to men like JDS and Carlos, who are prime examples of 'get the shaft but pick up and carry on'.

Please understand that I'm not saying the situations are the exact same. But one can be as unfair or as hurtful as the other.
They're not even close in terms of fairness. The two situations you mentioned were due to injuries. I doubt Hendricks would be complaining if GSP were simply injured.

Also, neither of those guys got passed up for a guy coming off of a loss.
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