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Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
Even without beating those 2, Belcher is miles ahead of Whineybitch. Belcher has been toward the top of the MW division for a very long time. Whiney has only been a plausible contender for 1 fight. Hell, when you take into account that he's only a contender because he publicly called for a fight with Silva, he's not even top 5.
I can't wait for Okami to send Belcher back to irrelevancy.

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
You think the sport of MMA passed Couture by? Hughes? Liddell?

Is that what you consider "passing them by"? These guys had awesome careers.

Dude, your use of the phrase is plain wrong. Reserved for people who have under-achieved, not legends who have reached the very top. Chris Weidman still has the potential for getting "passed by".... Anderson Silva does not.
Georges St. Pierre came along and trashed Hughes

Randy Couture got stomped out by Brock Lesnar

And Chuck was never that good to begin with, but Shogun, Penn, Fedor, all of them, their time all ran out, and a younger, stronger, newer breed of fighter came in and phased them out.

Anderson was 2 minutes away from losing to a guy with inferior striking and ju-jitsu to Weidman whose only looked bad once in his career and that was when he cut 32 lbs in 11 days and he just made the guy Anderson brought in to teach him wrestling look like an amateur.

So yeah, I really don't get why people are so confident in Anderson, he's always struggled against wrestlers and this one actually knows submissions when the time comes Weidman will push him out the door and Anderson can go enjoy his retirement, he just doesn't have what it takes to beat him and there's no shame in that.

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