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Originally Posted by El Matador View Post
Oh man, this post is so fraught with half truths that I had to being myself to respond.

Starting with the fact that Silva's wrestling coach is Eric Albarracin, not Munoz. He's been his coach since around the Okami fight.
Here's an interview with him:

Munoz has trained with Black House every now and then, but is based out of Kings and Reign. He's not "the guy that Anderson brought to teach him wrestling"

Weidman is a beast, an absolute monster of a 185er, but Munoz wasn't all there in that fight. While I might be wrong and it's just the brilliance of Weidman that made him look that bad, at least my opinion is backed by other people, notably professional fighters:

Now, Weidman's striking against Maia looked good, but not Anderson Silva good. And while his gameplan of take down/GNP would be obvious against Silva, all bouts start on the feet. See: Silva vs Sonnen II round 2. Furthermore, his wrestling is good, but not Sonnen good. So that factor is up in the air as well.

I'll be the first to admit that I have a bias towards AS, I believe the man walks on roads paved with the nubile young bodies of Scandinavian virgins, but not to the point where I don't entertain the fact that he might lose to Weidman.

When you discuss your opinions in such absolutes, you come off as a frothing-at-the-mouth hater troll and people automatically discount your opinion as hate.

I like Wiedman, he's talented and hard working, I think he has the potential to be a great champion. On a purely irrational basis, I also like him because he looks like my favourite actor, Eric Bana. I think a fight against Silva is justified and would be amazing on all fronts, but my fact based opinion points towards him being a big underdog in it. Most bookies would agree.

Please feel free to try to argue any of these points. I'd love to see you try
You should post more.

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