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It really isn't. Chael doesn't deserve this shot, but the man can ******* fight. He's given Anderson Silva the only real worry he's ever had in the Octagon, and he has the potential to showcase some flaws in Jones' game too. The UFC headlined a PPV with Couture vs Coleman, in 2010; let Mirko Cro Cop main event a card in 2010 in an awful, awful fight with Frank Mir; UFC 122 was headlined by Marquardt and Okami; Rampage and Hamill headlined a card, as did Evans vs Ortiz. The UFC have put on way worse headliners than this. They've put on better fights, but, even so, you're still going to tune in. Chael gets attention, people that support him watch him in hope that he wins, and haters watch him in the hope that he gets beaten up. It doesn't matter to Chael, it's all money in his back pocket.

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Is it not obvious? This was all an angle. Sonnen got his way. A spot on TUF. Another main event title shot. One last HUGE payday. Chael knows he's on the downswing of his career, and I can honestly see him retiring if/when he loses to Jones. Why not go out a little richer? Sonnen has played the organization, the fans, and he'll ride off into the sunset, perhaps without a belt but definitely with a heavier wallet.
Pretty much. Chael's taken marketing in MMA to another level. He deserved both his shots at Anderson, but there's no way anyone can truly justify Chael deserving this shot. I can't help but love the dude though, I think he's brilliant, and am delighted he's getting a title shot. It would be incredible if he pulled off the unthinkable and took out Jones, but if it doesn't happen, Chael still earns himself a ton of money and sells huge PPV numbers again. He's basically stepped straight into Brock Lesnar's shoes, and taken up the mantle of PPV king. I'm sure Dana was more than happy to set this up. It has the potential to save TUF, and will definitely sell a shit ton of PPVs.

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