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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
No he has solid wins over Held, Woodard, Pitbull and Alvarez. Those guys are no push overs. Just because they don't have the 3 magic letters on the gloves doesn't mean they aren't talented.
It isn't about 3 magic letters. None of those guys are that good. All would get cut out of the UFC if they were signed besides Alverez.

He beat a lot of guys he should have beat and had a good showing vs. the 1 legit LW he fought.

You can't tell me Lloyd Woodard is a legit LW. Pitbull's best win ever is Razor Rob that took him 3 rounds to finish. That or Batman who came out of retirement. Gono? I mean come on. Don't be one of these guys who says "oh just because they aren't in the UFC, you don't think they are good".

No, they aren't very good. They aren't even top 30 LWs in the world. Its just the truth. You can only fight who you are given, but lets no annoint Chandler boss hog because he dropped a very droppable Alverez a few times and beat some 30-50 ranked fighters.

Chandler is a good prospect no doubt. But right this second he would get beat by the top UFC LWs.
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