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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Just got back from another sexless date. This is three and we knew each other for a little while beforehand.

This nice girl stuff is wearing thin.

Dude same here man, I have given up totally.

Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Friend just emailed me a link to one of our friends dating profiles. Was a seriously humorous read, especially knowing the guy, I wonder if he's really that delusional or if he is just playing the game.

Side note, having enjoyed that read I went in search of more epic ones and strolled across a co-workers. I sometimes party with her, didn't know she was single, she's a blast and kind of cute. I'll have to keep this in mind.

Another note, need to find something else to do before I make a page myself. I highly doubt most of the profiles are legit, but there are some rather attractive young women from the looks of things. I'm assuming most are fake or have major issues though. Anyone with experience?
I've heard guys who claim to get laid all the time from those dating things, been so tempted to make one myself just to get laid but I would get ripped to complete shreds if my buddies ever found it haha! Still undecided if I should go with it or not, guess the response "don't care got laid" is a winner but no attention on a site for the needy would make my self esteem go past 0 and into negatives. I'd top myself if I struck out on that.

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