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Scary - just scary... How many of these incidents will it take for the US to start reviewing their gunlaws? And don't give me the whole "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" because I agree with you. But the guns sure as hell doesn't make it any harder for them.

Last year 11 people died from gunfire in Japan, 587 Americans died - as a result of misfires alone! There is nearly one gun per citizen in American, which is more than 20 times more than any other civilized nation in this world. It's just insanity.

As for the news (Don't wanna turn this into a gun-thread, just had to vent, I apologize) this has been a disturbing day for me. I work with children age 5-8 every day of my life and picturing something similar happening to one of my classes is just heartbreaking. Absolutely terrifying. And hearing some of the surviving children describe the scenario is equally as heartbreaking, their innocense making it so much harder to bear.

What a sad, pathetic human being one has to be to do something this despicable. Hope we don't see any more crazy shit before 12/21 :/

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