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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I love how people right off Hendo. Not saying he wins.

But these are generally the same people that said no way he beats Fedor. The same people that said Shogun would win that fight.

Well you guys are 0-2. If you keep picking against Hendo you will eventually be right. I just find it funny how people totally right him off.

If Machida wins it will be like the Rampage fight. Which sucks. Hendo will chase him around right hand cocked. Machida will play keep away most of the fight. Hate the matchup really.
From a personal viewpoint, I never picked against Hendo in the Fedor/Shogun fights.

What I did do in the run up to the Machida/Couture fight though, is understand that Machida's timing, speed and TDD would simply be too athletic and complex for someone with declining attributes such as Randy, despite waves of people declaring that Randy would clinch and dirty box him him and grind him down until Machida lost.

Dan is a different kettle of fish, but I see Machida winning handily for some of the same reasons. Dan will not be able to take him down, he will be too slow to land much of anything on Lyoto, will most likely be picked apart at range with punches and kicks, knees if they do clinch briefly, and will be slowed down further. He has a punchers chance, that I don't see happening, therefore Machida wins easily, imo

This is not a slowed down sluggish Shogun he is fighting. Since Shogun/Machida 2, Shogun has declined vastly in speed and training/endurance, whilst Machida has maintained his speed and improved.

Also, there's only two times that we have seen a sub par Machida, imo - 1. when he lost his game plan against Shogun and was KO'd and 2. when he visibly worked through a mental problem in the aftermath of Shogun, versus Rampage, and came out the other side of it in round 3.

There's no way this fight will be as inactive as Machida/Rampage

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