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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Lyoto doesn't fight inside, that's the point.
I know this.

But he sat there in front of Bader more than he did Rampage. Why? Because he didn't respect anything Bader could do. Bader isn't comparable to Hendo. He is a wrestler who may land a hard shot because he is a strong dude. He doesn't have near the timing that Hendo does. He doesn't hit as hard as Hendo. He doesn't have the chin Hendo has to wade threw punches.

Machida looked good. But a big part of his confidence and KO came from Bader not having anything for him. Bader a couple years ago was a wrestler with basic strikes. Still is. Hendo has been doing this for years. KOing real good fighters many times.

I don't think the 2 fighters are comparable. Will Machida pull what he did vs. Rampage? Maybe not. But I wouldn't be surprised. He may very well break Hendo down from the outside. But he won't be able too, nor will he try to do what he did vs. Bader. Because he probably actually respects what Hendo could do.

It isn't a very good stylistic matchup for Hendo. But neither was Fedor. Fedor had just as heavy hands. Faster. Better grappler. Was the bigger man. Had a real good chin like Hendo...

I just find it odd after everything Hendo has done as of late that some people are totally counting him out. Not just picking Machida. Counting Hendo out. Most of those are the same people who totally counted him out in his last 2 fights.
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