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Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
Lol he never gassed, get off the UFC's nuts. this is the same bullshit when Bendo fought Miller.

Even though nearly all of us are guilty of it, you need to stop looking at records and evaluate fighters skills.

Chandler is a nightmare match up for Diaz,Miller etc.
The UFC's

Looking at records? I have watched plenty of Chandler's fights. He did slow down in the 3rd round, don't give me that crap. He slowed down in terms of elite LWs. Bendo, Frankie, Pettis, nor Nate would have slowed down that early. He was diving for ankles while Alverez easily defended them.

I said he is a good prospect. But right now I believe he would get easily beat by most of the "top" LWs in the world. Bendo, Maynard, Pettis would all wreck him in my opinion. His boxing and lack of length would hurt him vs. Nate. He would easily take Nate down and Nate would most likely sub him.

I don't see how any of this is crazy. He just focking fought Gono...Gono was on a 2 fight losing streak vs. bums. He beat Held...a 19 year old kid. Pitbull is ok, I guess...he had 1 real impressive win and it was vs. Alverez.

Frankie Edgar works Alverez all day in practice. Frankie is another who would wreck Chandler.

I hope Chandler mans up and tries to get into the UFC once his contract runs out so we can see.

Right this second he isn't an elite LW in my opinion. If that is "hanging off the UFC's nuts" then so be it.
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