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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I love how people right off Hendo. Not saying he wins.

But these are generally the same people that said no way he beats Fedor. The same people that said Shogun would win that fight.

Well you guys are 0-2. If you keep picking against Hendo you will eventually be right. I just find it funny how people totally right him off.

If Machida wins it will be like the Rampage fight. Which sucks. Hendo will chase him around right hand cocked. Machida will play keep away most of the fight. Hate the matchup really.
He's a slow guy for the division, has suspect cardio, I use the term suspect because he did hand Shogun his ass for fifteen minutes, and Fedor nor the current version of Shogun have the speed Machida does, the ability to dart in and out, and the ability to just make someone look helpless and force them into doing something stupid.

Dan's probably gonna get lit up by kicks and it wouldn't surprise me if Machida took him down and tired him out early to try and work a sub.

Hendo could rush him, but that'll just zap his cardio faster and well, last guy that tried to rush him ended up like....this.

He's got a chance, a hell of a chance, but I think he's about as tailor made as you could possibly be for Machida, one dimensional, slow, old, suspect cardio. Amazing power, granite chin, and he's tough as they come...but he's not invincible and Lyoto trains with the only guys that have ever finished him.

As a Machida nuthugger, I'm feeling very good about this one.

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