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Round 1 - "TUF" referee John Sharp is third man in cage for this lightweight fight. Loughnane leads with a leg kick. And another. Wilkinson nearly slips on a high kick. Both guys a little tentative. Loughnane switches stances and lands a nice leg kick. They're both slapping the leg quite a bit, but punches aren't landing. Side kick from Loughnane that generates applause. Wilkinson in with a hook and gets slapped with another kick. Wilkinson turns up the pressure with punches and lands a nice right hand before depositing Loughnane on the mat. Wilkinson goes to work on the body. Loughnane angles hips for an armbar, but Wilkinson moves with it. Nice inside elbows from the top man. As soon as Loughnane gets a little space, he pops up. They clinch at the cage until Loughnane pushes off, and he lands a nice hook. Wilkinson still looking for those one twos. He shoots in on a leg kick but gets only a foot. Loughnane lands a nice kick at the advancing Wilkinson. Loughnane leaps in with a knee and gets a fist in return as the round comes to an end. scores the frame 10-9 for Wilkinson.

Round 2 - Wilkinson closes again as Loughnane looks to counter with leg kicks. A push for a takedown gets nothing for Wilkinson. Loughnane evades another shot, but Wilkinson lands a nice right hand, and then charges in to land another before looking for a takedown against the cage. Single-leg attempt fails, and Loughnane turns them and pushes off. Blood coming from Wilkinson's left brow. Nice hook from Loughnane. Wilkinson misses on the counter. Loughnane still working the leg counters. He sneaks in a nice punch and then peels off as Wilkinson advances. Nice body kick from Loughnane, who's sticking and moving. Wilkinson with a nice body shot. Loughnane is now moving into WIlkinson's power, which could be bad for him. A left hook sets up a shot attempt from Wilkinson, but Loughnane escapes from cage. Loughnane ducks right into a right hand, and his nose is now bleeding badly. Wilkinson is finding his range with punches, and Loughnane isn't moving as well as he was before. Nice lead body shot from Loughnane, and then a knee straight up the middle, which prompts a shot from Wilkinson. Another nice counter from Loughnane, and Wilkinson angles for takedown. Loughnane grabs a kimura against the fence, and the action stalls for a bit. Loughnane escapes and fires off a good flurry to energize the crowd, and the two touch gloves. Wilkinson, who walks back to the corner trying to pump up the crowd, narrowly takes the 10-9 for a 20-18 score.

Round 3 - Nice right hand from Loughnane off the bat, and these two are swinging for the fences. Wilkinson catches a poke to the eye as Loughnane extends a kick, and we pause. After a brief consultation with the ref, we're back. Loughnane closes and lands with a two-shot combo. Wilksinson charges back and lands a right hand. He's looking for that counter off the leg kick. In transition, Wilkinson shoots and stuffs them against the cage. Loughnane turns them and escapes. He's working the jab to stop Wilkinson's swinging punches. Nice lead right. Jab again takes the steam out of Wilkinson, who's letting his overhand right fly. The two eat punches simultaneously, and Wilkinson pushes them against the cage, working for a single leg. Loughnane lands a nice sneaky knee to the head. They're both a mess, bloody and swollen. Loughnane not doing much to advance position. His level chugs are stuffed, and Wilksinson lets him have it with punches inside. He retreats, and Loughnane drops Wilkinson with a shot. They struggle briefly on the mat before righting themselves. And Wilksinson wants a takedown. He doesn't get it, and Loughnane leaps in with a knee before they stall against the cage. Another nice knee to the head for Loughnane. Who wants it more? Loughnane pulls back, and they're trading, all guts and glory, as the fight comes to an end. Great round, and Loughnane takes his first frame on the scorecard. But Wilkinson should take this 29-28. Mike Wilkinson def. Brendan Loughnane via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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