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Round 1 - Referee Marc Goddard officiates this welterweight fight. Pierce closes distance in short time, and we're on the mat Baczynski with Sakurbaa slaps, and Pierce postures. Baczynski attempting to control Pierce's hands and use his long legs for a sub, but Pierce lifts him and puts him against cage. Baczynski creeping up, and Pierce punches while he does. Baczynski up, and his fingers are dangerously close to Pierce's eyes. Pierce ducks under and shoots again. No dice. Stalled against the cage. Baczynski escapes and we're back in the center. Baczynski pawing punches, trying to find a way in without getting taken down. Baczynski goes up the middle with front kick. Pierce closes with punches, but can't get his arms around Baczynski. Pierce catches a high kick and deposits Baczynski to the mat. Pierce punches the legs. Baczynski using Pierce's neck as a pushing-off point, but when he gets high enough, Pierce picks him up and dumps him to the mat. Pierce unloads an elbow overhead. More slaps from Baczynski. Less than a minute to go. Elbows to the dome from Baczynski. Pierce looking for striking opportunities. Baczynski's back is against the cage. Wrestling wins the first round for Pierce, 10-9.

Round 2 - Baczynski pawing again, and it appear Pierce is just biding his time. He shoots and has no problems lifting and dumping Baczynski to the mat. Baczynski posts on an arm, but is blocked with his back to the cage. Baczynski kicks him off and gets up, and Pierce is at his legs against the cage. Baczynski hits the mat, but bounces back up. He finally escapes, and we re-set. Baczynski charges with a leaping knee, and Pierce catches it. A lunging knee from Baczynski is absorbed. Then another. Pierce appears to worse for the wear. When Baczynski unloads again, Pierce ducks and corks him with an overhand right before charging and putting them against the fence. Baczynski is fighting the shot against the fence and maanges to turn them, and he unloads a few punches against the fence before peeling off. Baczynski leads with an elbow, and Pierce unloads with a Randy Couture-like flurry of dirty boxing that rocks Baczynski. Baczynski escapes and leaps with another knee. They spill to the mat with Pierce on top, and Pierce passes to half-guard and lands a few shots. Pierce's control and late-round flurry win him the round on's scorecard, 10-9.

Round 3 - Touch of gloves, and we're back. Baczynski lands chopping leg kick, and then catches Pierce with a knee before Pierce can grab a leg. Baczynski on one leg and hops free. He leaps in with a knee and Pierce takes it. Then another knee, and Pierce looks like he's in trouble. He's mostly covering up. Baczynski is picking him apart. Both men are slowing. Baczynski though is getting the better of it. It's almost all him. Pierce can't compete with his range. Pierce gets in a clinch, but can't capitalize. He's gutting this one out. When Baczynski gets close enough, Pierce charges into a takedown, and we're in guard. Baczynski trying to scoot and stand, but Pierce keeps advancing. Halfway through the round. Pierce lands his first big shot overhead. He stands and lands an elbow. Baczynski active from the bottom with elbows. Baczynski gets legets in position for triangle. He's getting the better of the strikes, even from the bottom. The referee doesn't see enough and stands them up. Baczynski stalks in, and Pierce ducks under for another shot. They hit the cage, and Pierce nabs the takedown. First and only boo of the night. Audience calls for a triangle. Pierce grinding away with punches. He stands and attempts his final flurry of the night before the final bell sounds. scores the round 10-9 for Baczynski, but Pierce should take this 29-28. Mike Pierce def. Seth Baczynski via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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