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Day 20
Dan made his first appearance in the new gym.

Got the run in, did about 15-minutes of jogging tonight.

The other half was spent on footwork in the ring. I did some work off the ropes.

Covering and fighting back with a right hook, left, right uppercut.

Uppercuts to the body.

A 90-degree switch, lead foot is the pivot point. When I made the switch i'd throw of a 1-2 then back off.

I did the switch then do a back peddle sprint to the center.

We did a whole bunch of stuff, tabata pushup for 20-second 10 off for 4-minutes, jumps with an emphasis on landing on the balls and then the heels, and then a partner drill (one person squats and cups the hands, the other grabs onto the cupped hands and pulls himself up.)

I didn't find the right way for the last drill.

After that we did a 4 point circuit: ladders of footwork, then focused jumps over bags, then a roll, then as he calls it animal crawls in the ring. we had 10 minutes of this.

After dan's circuit was over I worked on showing the basic technique to a new boxer. We worked for about half an hour.

After taking care of the new guy, I gloved up and went in the ring with Jeff.

We were focusing on my footwork as defense. I noticed I landed more effectively, and was dancing around him better.

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