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Round 1 - Referee Steve Perceval oversees this welterweight final of "TUF: Smashes" competitors. Whittaker immediately the more active fighter with combinations. Scott advancing, and sent back by a knee. He resets and charges again, and the two hit the cage. The referee calls for action. They trade knees in close. Whittaker finally escapes Scott's clutches. He charges in with a punch. Scott is unfazed and walks in with a knee. Whittaker counters brilliantly with a punch, then scores with another combo. Scott adjusts with a straight right hand and jabs in. He advances, but Whittaker chases him off. Whittaker's overhand right is caught by Scott, who presses to the cage. Whittaker escapes again, and Scott presses in. Whittaker counter-chjarges and catches Scott backpedaling. The audience goes into a frenzy as Whittaker rains down punches. Scott still has his wits and repairs to his feet, where he charges in. Whittaker counters a charge with a head kick, but can't stop from being smothered. Scott in close with punches. They trade knees. Scott misses a trip. Another brilliant counter from Whittaker, with short time. Scott goes high with a kick and leaps with a knee, but Whittaker is stinging him back on almost every attack. scores the frame 10-9 for Whittaker.

Round 2 - Scott waves for cheers and shockingly gets boos. He jabs in again. Whittaker charges and misses Scott returns and lands his best combo of the fight, then another. Whittaker traps his neck and threatens with knees, but lets it go. Nice right hand for Whittaker. Nice sweeping kick from Scott. A kick goes south of his border. We pause. Audience gives encouragement for their countryman. Scott lands a nice jab coming inside. Whittaker counters but misses. Kicks from the Aussie. Scott grabs the clinch and goes with dirty boxing before tripping Whittaker to the mat. Scott has one hook in with half the round left. He works hammerfists and punches at Whittaker's back. Whittaker adjusts position from his knees, and Scott continues to punch. Whittaker looking for a way up and walks to the cage. Scott gets his hooks in and punches to open up the choke. When Whittaker stands, he threatens. Whittaker almost bucks him off. Scott's position isn't ideal, and he loses back mount as Whittaker stands. Scott knees the legs and punches in close. Scott with a combo and Whittaker resets. Whittaker tags Scott with a left in counter to an uppercut. Scott chases right into a high kick, blocked, as the round ends. scores the frame 10-9 for Scott, and we're even 19-19.

Round 3 - Whittaker open the frame with a combo, and they trade jabs. Whittaker goes high with a kick again. Scott advancing, and Whittaker chases him back with punches. Scott missing with big shots and getting countered. Scott charges, looking for a takedown, but Whittaker escapes and fires off another combo. He's having more success in the pocket this round. Scott is letting him get off. A left hook lands for Scott. But Whittaker makes hi pay in the next exchange. Left hook for Whittaker. Scott still walking him down, throws lead elbows. Whittaker's charge is blocked. Same for Scott. Whittaker tries a lead elbow. Kick meets punch for Scott. Whittaker's nose is bloody. Whittaker is not throwing his right hand much…is his hand injured? He's leading almost exclusively with right elbows and leaving on left hooks. Whittaker charges nonetheless, and the audience stamps in approval. Less than a minuet to go. Stiff jab for Scott. Whittaker charges again, and all Scott does is counter. This is what's going to lose him the fighter. Whittaker is the more active counter-fighter. Audience stamping. Whittaker flurries and the audience goes nuts. A trail of blood runs down the face of Scott, who's hands raise in frustration. scores the frame 10-9 for Whittaker, who should take this 29-28. Robert Whittaker def. Brad Scott via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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