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Originally Posted by IronMan
Yup, still training.

One of the best things that you can do for grappling explosiveness is definitely the bag lifts, so I really suggest trying that.

I am a little bit ADD when it comes to conditioning. I don't want to do 1000 crunches or 500 pushups because I get bored, so I've spent alot of time figuring out ways to work all of those muscles quickly.

For the abs I use a modified situp:

Sit with the legs straight out, touch your toes and then lie back with your arms up so that your back as flat and your arms are outstretched above your head, then sit up and touch your toes.

After a while of doing this excersise I wanted to get even more flexion, so I did it on the foot of my bed, keeping the hips on the edge and, when you go back to lay out flat, force the abdominal muscles to support your body (to keep you from falling off). This one works.

Something I've picked up from reading is a back bridge excersise where you start on your stomach and roll your legs up into a handstand and put your legs down so you are in a bridge, then use your abs to pull yourself into a squatted position. Once you get down the muscle movement to doing this excersise practice doing it fast, it really helps with muscle strength and agility for scrambling.

If anyone has a heavybag that's not strung up or a groundnpound bag you can always work on ground control and position changing by laying it out on the floor, putting your elbows down (and keeping the hands close!), spreading the legs out like in a sprawl and circle around the bag. See how fast you can get around and keep trying to get faster changing from side control to north/south. Also go from sidecontrol to the mount to sidecontrol (it's called a "hopping" drill).

The best way to really build effective explosiveness is to do lots of live grappling, because it works all of the muscle that you will use in a fight. You can simulate submissions and stimulate those muscles, but it's not the same in drills as when you have an opponent there to resist you.
Thanks a bunch. Ive definitely noticed that live grappling is the most efficient way to get better overall it just sucks that BJJ classes have very little actual 'live grappling.' Im usually fine when I have my partner with me because we can just roll but it sucks when he's not there and I have no one to roll with.

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