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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
This address by Obama really brought tears to my eye, I've never seen him anywhere near this emotional

F*CK Obama!!!!!

Emotional? There was no tremor in his voice, no actual tears, what the hell was he pretending to wipe away? If he felt so emotional about it why couldn't he address the media without having to CONSTANTLY look at his script. Key word here, SCRIPT! He's fraud. A puppet. How can he truly get so upset about this when children die every day in places like Iraq, Afgahnistan, Pakistan etc at the hands of U.S soldiers. He has their blood on his hands while he goes and eats a f*cking hotdog at a basketball game. Please don't buy into this crap. He shouldn't even be the Prez as he was born in Hawaii BEFORE it became a U.S state.

I apologise for going a little off topic but it angers me when people buy into his bullshit.

Obama's president, so? What's he represent?
Just because the nigga's half black don't mean he's Heaven-sent
You're clueless to evidence and all the minds he's messin' with
His charm and smile hasn't got my ass up out this debt for shit
Frontin' like he's truly Jesus
And all you fools believe it
The change he's making isn't good, that's just how you conceived it
It's like we all broker than ever, it's due to reasons
Dealing with self-beneficial plans and the movement he's with
Illuminati, or whatever the **** they go by
They're the reason weird shit happens, and we don't know why
Lyrics from Nocturnal Rainbows by Hopsin.

Its so sad whats happened and thats why I've acted in anger here. Not to to Budhisten. Awesome poster. But to the way the media portray this utter tool.

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