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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
A clinic? Rofl. He pulled a Condit on him, except it was twice as bad.

Tap his leg and run away.

C'mon man, you can't defend the Diaz/Condit fight with your life and some how approve of Boetech's game plan against Lombard. He took the Condit game plan to another level.
I never said I approved of how Boetch beat Lombard. But it worked.

He showed how to beat Lombard, he showed the holes in Lombard's game, and that really isn't how Boetch normally fights.

But it's exactly how Bisping fights. And Bisping would smoke Lombard by using that same strategy only 100 times more effectively.

I don't approve of point fighting, but it's here to stay. And Lombard, who would have been a lot of fun to watch in the UFC 7 years ago, is a relic of a time gone by and will never amount to anything in the UFC unless he's spoonfed guys who aren't savvy enough to avoid and outpoint him.

And by the same token, people who think Condit truly beat Diaz, can't now turn around and say Boetch's win doesn't count. It was the exact same thing.

I'll never be happy about what Condit did to Diaz. I think it was cowardly, but the real reason it bothered me so much, is because I was a HUGE Condit fan too and wanted to see the war these two promised us. Nick showed up intent on delivering that war, Condit shit the bed.

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