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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Mannn, so f*cking sick. Breaking news last night came on right before Family Guy. First time I had not laughed at that show. I really don't know what to think. It really puts things into perspective. Makes all my own little problems seem inconsequential. M.C, I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. Its natural you say. Maybe its within our human nature to kill others, but to go into a school with a gun and mow down a bunch of children is not natural. Not in my eyes anyway. I'm not gonna neg rep you or anything stupid like that. You're an awesome poster, I just think we have a difference of opinion here. No biggie. My thoughts are going to be with the victims and their families for a while. Chest feels heavy.
It is very natural for quite a lot of humans to do this kind of thing. If you pop over into SA, you will see disgusting things like this happening every other day, things that would make your skin crawl 10X what happened yesterday. Every part of the world has things like this happening, and the simple fact that in a very stable, managable, "1st world" country it's still happening and quite frequently (school shootings, parents killing their own kids, mass ****, holding little girls prisoner in basements for 20 years as a sex slave, etc) just shows how much humans have this within them and it's all natural, these people aren't hyped up on drugs most of the time, they are just humans acting on what they feel naturally.

Not saying it's not sad and disturbing because it is, it's awful, much of nature is awful by the standards that we have implemented for our society. If you step into the wild you will see some really sick, disgusting crap, but they are "just animals" so people tend to go "well that's nature", but fail to realize we are just wild apes and wild animals, and when sick crap happens with us, it's also "just nature", it just hits a lot closer to home so we don't think about it like that.

Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
F*CK Obama!!!!!

Emotional? There was no tremor in his voice, no actual tears, what the hell was he pretending to wipe away? If he felt so emotional about it why couldn't he address the media without having to CONSTANTLY look at his script. Key word here, SCRIPT! He's fraud. A puppet. How can he truly get so upset about this when children die every day in places like Iraq, Afgahnistan, Pakistan etc at the hands of U.S soldiers. He has their blood on his hands while he goes and eats a f*cking hotdog at a basketball game. Please don't buy into this crap. He shouldn't even be the Prez as he was born in Hawaii BEFORE it became a U.S state.

I apologise for going a little off topic but it angers me when people buy into his bullshit.

Lyrics from Nocturnal Rainbows by Hopsin.

Its so sad whats happened and thats why I've acted in anger here. Not to to Budhisten. Awesome poster. But to the way the media portray this utter tool.
I agree with you here for sure, though.

I'm not anti-Obama or pro-Obama, but he was definitely not upset or crying there, he was wiping away invisible tears, it's all for PR and to make an appearance, I mean that is his job, I don't hold it against him but I definitely find it kinda funny, he is a bad actor.
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