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Hendricks is just doing what Nick Diaz did and what everyone else seems to be doing to get a Title Shot, and thats try to talk your way into it. So why is Johny getting painted badly when Nick did the same thing but even worse? Let him try what seems to be working.

Its another instance of Dana playing favourites. If he doesent like you, he will just tell you to shut up and sit down, and work your way up if you speak out. If he likes you, he will make it instantly and talk about how an "intriguing" fight its going to be, even if it looks one sided on paper skill level wise. I dont want to hear about Dana talking crap about mismatches in other Organizations ever again. When the ones isint solely left to Joe Silva and Dana has his grubby hands on it, are exactly that. Certain people have been in privileged positions because Dana simply liked them, not because they "paid their dues".

MMA is a Sport, UFC is Sports Entertainment and Dana White is Vince McMahon. It tries to follow the Sport Model, but it really isint. Just like how the WWE is "sport" because it has Wrestling in it.

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