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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
From browsing your recent post history I don't see predictions all I see is you coming back saying that its exactly how you predicted it. Maybe you did months ago when the fights were announced but why no recent predictions? Not trying to pick an argument but from somebody browsing it appears you try to leave a big gap in time so nobody remembers if you were wrong but you can come back later and point out how smart you are if its right. Do you kinda understand my point and why people are reacting negatively to your comments? Why not make your predictions for TUF finale now so people can look back at you in hindsight?

And honestly if your that good at predicting bet some money, I make decent money overall betting on fights and I really only win a little over 50% but usually only bet on guys that are heavy underdogs who I think are stylistically bad match ups or are greatly undervalued or opponents overvalued. I did lose a pile on Penn/Rory though and lost a bit on G-Sot as well without realizing there was bad blood, once I saw that I kinda had a feeling he would fight retarded and lose me my money.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Lombard is going to destroy Palhares, worst matchup in the entire division for him.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Pearson beats him up.

He's dealt with much sturdier fighters in the past. The only variable in this could be the travel/home arena advantage.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I don't care what anyone on this forum has to say on the matter...but I was surprised in the MMA Media at how much stock was put into the Edgar fights as far as how he will fare in the striking.

Benson is more off a rangy fighter that has poor hands and throws a lot of kicks, against a guy like Frankie who is even quicker and has good leap amateur boxing skills, it's a tough matchup.

But Nate isn't that type of fighter, he's a plodding combination fighter with no real foot or hand speed. Not to mention he has nowhere near the defensive wrestling chops of Benson.

Hell, Nate struggles against the same type of fighter. Benson will muck it up on the feet with three thousand feints and an occasional leg or body kick and grab a clinch and get some takedowns while surviving some submissions.

The only way I can really see Nate winning this fight is if he sweeps and gets Benson's back and instead of just threatening and controlling and winning the round, he just stops him right there.

If he doesn't get the finish then, Benson will probably win.

I wouldn't bet against Ben.

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