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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
I don't see this fight as one sided as others so I am kinda confused by peoples opinions. Ellenberger is another solid wrestler who hits like a sack of bricks. Sure he lost to Kampmann but lets not get a short term memory and forget that Hendricks lost to Rick Story (another guy who fits the Hendricks/Ellenberger mold) and also at least IMO and many others he lost to Kos (another guy who kinda fits that mold). This fight is pretty much even IMO since besides Fitch who he blasted early, Hendricks has not really had his way with wrestlers, Mike Pierce another good wrestler another tough fight for him. Notice a trend? Ellenberger is not being given enough credit here lets not forget him pasting Shields not that long ago either. Its a coin toss IMO.
You know who else lost to Rick Story, Jake Ellenberger.

Martin Kampmann was right when he said Ellenberger has many holes in his game. He might be a "wrestler" but his wrestling is kind of terrible. He got swept by Rocha, Sanchez, and Condit he really isn't in the same league as the top wrestlers in the division (Hendricks, Koscheck, GSP, Pierce, Simpson, Fitch). And his conditioning is so bad he gassed against Kampmann in the first round, Hendricks is a tough out.

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