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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Now that's funny. You summed it up pretty nicely. I was did he land her. Notice how he kicked Ricci in the gonads and went straight for em still with no hesitation. I respect em as a marine, but he doesn't seem to have sportmanship. The Harley guy and Dana had to yell at em to get his attention. He'll learn pretty fast that being tenacious won't be enough against mid tiered fighters.
To be fair - it looked like Colton looked at the ref, and saw mazzagatti's eyes glazed over, probably thinking about what he wanted from Santa Claus. Once he realized mazzagatti wasn't stopping the fight, Colton just kept fighting.

That being said, what he did on episode 1 of this season was one of the biggest douche-moves you can do in MMA. If you have to tell the fans you're not a cheap/dirty fighter, you just might be a cheap/dirty fighter.

It's also very easy to not like this Colton guy. A military, army/jesus loving wrestler. It sounds so cookie-cutter. He will be a fringe fighter at best.

I don't think we will see talent like we used to from TUF. The "6 figure contract" needs to be revised. You're locked up for 3 years / 9 fights, and 12 show / 12 win for 3 fights in the first year, with the UFC holding the option for 16/16 for 3 fights in the 2nd year, and 22/22 in the 3rd year.

You have fighters like Dave Herman who came into the UFC 2 years after Nelson, and is already making more in disclosed pay than Nelson.
This is because Nelson is still locked up in the TUF 6-figure contract. Herman has already been able to re-negotiate, and he lost to Nelson, and his UFC record is terrible.

I think a lot of good up and coming fighters don't want that 3 year 6-figure contract. You have to fight a bunch of times for free in the house, and then you get locked up for 3 years. Good up and coming fighters are getting signed straight to the UFC, for shorter term deals (usually 1 year 3 fights), allowing them to re-negotiate sooner, and get bigger money.

I think we will see a lot of fringe fighters coming out of TUF, unless the contract is made a little more lucrative.
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