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Played about 10 hours of Far Cry 3 total now.

It's definitely not "Skyrim with guns", the "side quests" remind me of MMO style quests, go kill X thing, drive car through x amount of portals to collect prize, collect XYZ plants, unless I am missing some serious side quests (could be) then these are all throw away things and I have yet to find anything interesting except the main story/hunting/crafting.

The open world aspect is cool, I like the hunting/skinning/crafting system the most so far out of everything. Taking bases and finding radio towers is kinda interesting and gives me something to do, but these things feel very "gamey", I hate to use the word but there's 0 "immersion", it's like a ton of mini-games outside of the main quest so far.

I'm enjoying the game, pretty good, but definitely not anywhere near Skyrim's level of open world/quests/attractions/depth, to be honest I found more depth/things to do in Skyrim's newest expansion than the 10 hours I have into FC3. Which is fine, I mean the game is pretty good for what it is, but I heard it was compared to Skyrim so many times from different places that I am kinda disappointed as it's nothing like it.
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