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Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
Why the hell is everybody saying Dana sold out for money? Please explain to me how Diaz is a big money fight? The average fan on the street doesn't know or care about Diaz any more than they do about Hendricks. It's hard to hype a fight with a guy coming off a loss and long suspension, but it's incredibly easy to hype a muscular guy with KO power coming off a massively impressive win streak with highlight reel finishes.

Calling this a "big money cop out" is simply a knee-jerk reaction with absolutely no basis in reason. If ANYTHING, you could make the case that Dana is afraid of GSP losing to Hendricks and in that sense he is protecting his cash cow, but Diaz-GSP is not a more money-making fight than Hendricks-GSP.
Read any thread regarding GSP/Diaz.

People widely agree it will be a bigger fight than Hendricks because Diaz will talk more trash and get under GSP's skin. Also, why did he book Jones/Sonnen? Because it has the potential to sell more than Jones/Henderson.

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